Video guides

All of our VIDEO GUIDES can be found on our YouTube channel and all patterns contain direct links to the videos 

All of our patterns contain video guides that you can find on our YouTube channel here as well as in our patterns.  

The patterns contain direct links to all of the techniques that are relevant to the exact pattern that you are making. You can view the picture below to see a sample of one of our patterns. The blue text shows that there is a general video guide for the technique in question. When you click the blue text, you will be directly linked to the video guide where it is both shown and explained how to do the technique.

Extra help provided in the difficulty 1 patterns

All of our difficulty 1 patterns contain extra help in the form of video guides where the entire design is made step-by-step in the corresponding videos. This is also the case for a number of our other patterns. If it says “step-by-step video guides” under the “video guides” section, it means that the entire design is made in the corresponding videos. The picture below shows that all of the steps in a pattern are explained and the blue text is a link that takes you directly to the video that shows the step and the techniques that are used specifically on the design you are knitting.

"Step-by-step video guides”
means that the pattern includes video guides where the exact pattern that you have purchased is being knitted - step-by-step so you are not unsure of anything while you are learning how to knit.


”Video guides” means that there are video guides for all of the techniques in the pattern, however, they might be shown on a different design as to the one that you are making.