About our patterns

Here at Easy as knit, we stand out by focusing on learning. We wish to teach new knitters how to knit and teach intermediate knitters new techniques. Therefore, our patterns contain the six elements mentioned below, all of which ensure that you get the best possible opportunity to learn new things through making our patterns.

What you can expect in our patterns

1. Video guides 

With these, you will be guided through all of the techniques both by text and video. 


2. Yarn alternatives and list of materials 

The list contains direct links which ensure that you are never in doubt about what things you need in order to start your knitting project - or where to buy the materials.


 3. No knitting abbreviations 

You do not need to have any former experience in knitting. We write everything as we would explain it - simply and easily understandable.


4. Explanation boxes 

All techniques and terms are explained both by text and by video - as all of us learn in different ways. These explanations are written in a separate explanation box. This means that the explanations are easy to skip if you are an intermediate knitter.


5. Knitting tips 

As a beginner in the word of knitting, it can be very difficult to know all of the tips and tricks - such as knowing not to cast on your stitches tightly or how important your gauge swatch is. Therefore, all of our patterns contain little tips and tricks. 


6. Steps 

All of our patterns are structured in numbered steps, which means that they are easy to navigate and you will not get lost during the process.