When you buy a knitting pattern from us, you are not only buying a knitting pattern.. are buying a complete learning package that includes
-  A pattern full of in depth explanation and amazing tips 
- Guidance in what you will need for you knitting project and where you can purchase it 
- Simple and quick access to video guides that thoroughly show all steps in the pattern 

Therefore, you are super well equipped to have success with your knitting project !

easy as knit

Video guides

We offer video guides for all of our patterns in which we show all techniques step-by-step.


At easy as knit you will not only receive a knitting pattern. You will become a part of a community full of other knitters that share your passion for knitting. 

Tips and tricks

We believe that everyone can learn from one another and therefore, we share tips and tricks from the world of knitting on our IG account weekly. 

Knitting patterns

Our knitting patterns are full of thorough explanations for all of the different steps. 


We are ready to answer any question you might have in regard to our patterns. 


On our website and Instagram, we frequently share the current trends in knitting - then you can always stay up to date on the newest trends. 

Meet the easy as knit team

We love to work together towards one common goal - to make knitting accessible for everyone 


Elisabeth Johannessen


Knitting brings peace to my mind and I love that I have the possibility through my work to explore my creativity through knitting. I really enjoy seeing how our knitting community, easy as knit, is growing - here, everyone can learn new techniques. At easy as knit, I am the one who develops our knitting patterns and I am in charge of everything that concerns numbers. I have a background in the history of ideas and gender studies and I have always had great interest in charity - I have, among other things, worked at a crisis centre in Tanzania.


Christine Skylvad


I started to knit during the first lockdown where I realised that it was difficult for me, as a beginner, to understand the terminology. I was missing a brand like easy as knit where everything is made easy to understand and all the techniques are shown in videos. At easy as knit, I am in charge of our social media, marketing and idea development for our new designs, amongst other things. I have a background in information science and have previously been on the national team for golf. 

Our journey

In 2020 we made the foundation for easy as knit. I (Christine) decided to learn how to knit during the first covid lockdown. During this time, I realised how difficult it was to enter the world of knitting as a beginner and learn the terminology such as fx stitch maker and magic loop - I often had to ask my friend Elisabeth for help. 

These struggles led to the idea of creating a community where completely inexperienced knitters could learn how to knit through patterns with explanations and videos of the different techniques. 

What started as an idea has now become a company with a full-time employee, a student helper and a trainee, amongst others. Today, easy as knit has grown and we are teaching new techniques to both beginners and intermediate knitters. 

All of our employees wear multiple hats which means that we can always teach each other new things that can be used to further improve easy as knit. 

 Our vision is that everyone should have the possibility to learn how to knit and experience the happiness that knitting can bring. Therefore, we wish to make knitting accessible for all.